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21 Most Hilarious Tweets from the Grammys

Check out 21 most hilarious tweets from the Grammys to see some of the funniest Twitter commentary about the awards show. Have fun, enjoy.

Grammys Twitter
Photo by Viktor Nagornyy

With social media at events, you get the beauty of audience engagement – like it or not. You get to deal with the good, the bad and the funny. As I had to endure the Grammys yesterday, I did what any other social media savvy individual would do. I went on Twitter.

It turns out, it wasn't all too bad. The Twitter commentary kept me entertained throughout the Grammys, something the show wasn't that good at. But, I might be biased, I'm not a pop culture fan. I did enjoy Bob Marley tribute, that was great.

Here's a list of 21 most hilarious tweets I saw on Twitter following #grammys

One thing to remember, the Grammys did a good job (on a basic level) of engaging their audience on Twitter through their host – LL Cool J. I'll give them credit for that, it was a good touch to bring remote audiences into the show but a very basic one. They could've done a better job, but at least they did it. Many event planners fail to incorporate social media all together.

Did you see funny Tweets from the Grammys that were not included on the list? Share a link in the comments.



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