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This is a great place to learn about event technology to help you plan, manage and execute successful events. We cover all type of event technology, from online SaaS providers to offline systems and products.

10 Reasons Why Some Virtual Events Fail and How to Prevent Them

The best intentions will fail if you don't do things right. Professional production of virtual events will help make your event stand out in the crowd. Great experience should not be exclusive to face-to-face events, it matters at virtual events just as much.

Audio Disasters & How to Prevent Them

If anything can go wrong, it will. Audio is one of the most important parts of any presentation, without audio it wouldn't be a good presentation. We communicate by speech, and when your audio setup doesn't work as planned, you need to be prepared.

Top 10 Tips to Plan a Successful Virtual Event

Both virtual and traditional events require preparation, planning and a professional approach to a flawless execution. Here are top 10 tips that will help you plan a virtual event, be it a stand-alone event or virtual companion of a traditional event.

QR Me Hearties: Setting a QR Code Treasure Hunt

QR code treasure hunt is an ideal solution to engage your delegates with sponsors & exhibitors at your event in a fun, interactive way. Plus, treasure hunt facilitates networking among your delegates by working in teams and exploring the venue more thoroughly.

Mobile App vs Mobile Web: An Event Organizer’s Guide

Delivering extra info to event delegates through their smartphones is an excellent way to give that extra something they just might need. But is an “app for that” better than a link to your website? Read the pros and cons and decide which to choose, or both.

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