PlannerTech Show: Bringing Technology to Event Planning

PlannerTech aims to bridge the gap between event planners & Internet technology by connecting companies with event planner during the NYC Internet Week.

Roger Smith Hotel
The Solarium at Roger Smith Hotel is one of the rooms that will be used at the PlannerTech on June 9th, 2011.

Technology is often overlooked by the event planners. It seems like it's the last part of the planning process. Possibly unknown to them, they leave it until the end or let someone else handle it. This is especially true when it comes to the Internet. Many event planners, still, do not incorporate Internet technology into their events. They either don't know about the technology or just simply don’t know how beneficial it would be for their event. Not for long, however; one event is planning to change that.

“It [Internet] is an amazing technology that makes us more efficient, makes us smarter, increases communication and truly improves our lives,” says Elizabeth Mazzei, director of partner solutions at Pogby. “I realized there really is no event all year long that focuses on technology for event professionals. How frustrating!”

Mazzei saw an opportunity for Pogby to become the driving force behind an event dedicated to bridging the gap between event planners and Internet technology. She had an idea, but she didn’t have experience to plan it.

“The first place I turned was Liz King from Liz King Events. Liz King is a rock star in the industry, known for embracing technology and utilizing social media,” Mazzei says.

King joined Mazzei, and the idea began to take shape. After planning was underway, Christine Upton, who Mazzei met at New York University while guest lecturing in an event planning certification class, joined them. The team was assembled and the first inaugural PlannerTech event is scheduled to take place on June 9th, 2011, and will be a part of the NYC Internet Week. They’ve chosen to host it at Roger Smith Hotel in Midtown New York City due to its superior technical capabilities for events, such as live Internet broadcasting.

PlannerTech will showcase presentations from a selected group of Internet technology companies catering to the event industry, including Event Leadership InstituteEvent Farm, Hashable, IML, and ShareSquare. The showcase will be followed by a networking event, where event planners will be able to socialize with peers as well as learn more from the company representatives. Attendees will be able to get their pictures taken at the TwitPic Photo Booth as well.

“There was an obvious need this event had to be created and Pogby was happy to be the guiding force to take it on and with Liz King Events help bring it to a reality for the industry,” Mazzei says.

You can join the conversation by using the official Twitter hashtag #PlanTech. Registration opens on May 6th, 2011 at



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