#Eventprofs 7/19: Event Branding – Moderated by Viktorix

Don't leave your event brand to public assumptions, take control of your event's public sentiment. Join us for #eventprofs chat on July 19th at 9PM ET to talk about event branding & get your questions answered. The chat will be moderated by Viktorix.


#Eventprofs Twitter chatCompanies spend millions of dollars on brand development, to position themselves competitively and to be unique. Being unique, in this day and age, takes a lot of work and resources, but it does pay off to be the tenor among the white noise, to be the memory.

And yet, event branding is one aspect of the planning process that is frequently overlooked by the planners. Why do some spend millions of dollars to maintain a brand while others don't even pay attention to it? That's an interesting question for another time.

The question to answer, however, is this: Do you develop the brand for your event or do you let the crowd develop it based on assumptions?

The difference between the two is control. Having control over your event brand gives your target market a foundation to use to judge your event. Once you position your brand the way you want it to be seen by the public, you gain the competitive advantage over the event sentiment.

Tweets, Facebook updates, blog posts, and even media coverage will all be based on your brand positioning; it gives you indirect (yet direct) channels to influence the public sentiment of your event. Why wouldn't you want that control?

#eventprofs chat 7/19 @9PM ET: Event Branding

I will be moderating, my first, #eventprofs chat on Tuesday, July 19th, at 9 pm Eastern Time (USA) on behalf of Viktorix (@viktorixcom). The topic will be Event Branding.

What is branding? How do you develop a brand? How do you position a brand? And much more!

If you consider yourself an expert on event branding, join in to help others learn.

If you want to learn more about event branding, join in and participate in the chat by asking questions.

You can follow (lurk) the conversation without participating, so you can learn more about event branding. But I highly recommend you participate and engage in the chat. It's tons of fun and you'll get your questions answered by your peers.

How to join?

The most popular way to follow Twitter chats is a free service called TweetChat.com. You can follow the conversation without logging in, but if you want to participate you can log in with your Twitter credentials and start participating!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to comment or tweet me.


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