Online and virtual meetings are becoming more popular in the event industry. They help deliver content without wasting money on the location, travel, and lodging. You can participate in the luxury of your own home.

But, face-to-face meetings are still very important to many businesses. Nothing can replace the immediate rapport you can establish with someone in person. Over 83% of businesses believe personal relationships are key to successfully doing business.

Bizzabo recently compiled data and created an interesting infographic on how important face-to-face meetings are to businesses. The data takes into account the event industry and the online world to draw comparisons and contrast between the two.

The question is, what has been your experience planning events and meetings? Do clients or employers push face-to-face events and meetings, or do they lean towards online meetings to reduce costs? Share in the comments and enjoy the infographic.

Face to Face Meetings Infographic

This infographic is part of our weekly visual diary to provide engaging, topical information to event planners and other event professionals. We bring some of the best infographics from the web to help you expand your boundaries of knowledge and ultimately help plan successful events and run a successful business.

Viktor Nagornyy
Viktor Nagornyy is the founder and editor-in-chief of Eventstant. He has worked as a convention director for an international non-profit organization in the past, and currently is a marketing consultant helping small businesses grow and prosper. You can read his marketing blog at Inbound Method.


  1. […] Bizzabo recently compiled data & created an interesting infographic on how important face to face meetings are to businesses. What do you think?  […]


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