Verizon Power House at Super Bowl Central

WiFi: The #1 Tool for Your Festival Sponsor Area

Make sure you offer your festival sponsors reliable and fast WiFi connection to give them an opportunity to execute digital and experiential marketing strategies to get the maximum ROI.
Collision conference and trade show in New Orleans on May 4, 2017

The Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Trade Show

Plan your trade show with the goal of making it a lasting memory for attendees. The beginner's guide will give you 15 practical tips to help you plan a successful trade show event on budget and profitable, not just hitting the bottom line.

“Like” Your Trade Shows

Social media play an important role in today's marketing and evaluation of events. Use them wisely and enhance your trade show presence. It gives you an opportunity to connect with your audience, get to know them, and what they really want and need.

The Nuts and Bolts of Social Media for Trade Shows

Social media offers exhibitors and event planners an opportunity to engage their audience by communicating and educating them, while building a community of loyal fans and brand ambassadors.

Top 10 Tips to Create a Profitable Trade Show Booth

Successful exhibitors use successful booths to generate successful profits. Here's a list of top 10 tips to turn your trade show booth into a profitable, client magnet. Apply these tips at your own risk of getting too many clients, but that risk is worth it.

Trade Show Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Exhibiting

Don't kid yourself: First impressions count! How you present yourself and your company can make all the difference in sealing the deal. Professionalism, proper dress attire, and the right attitude will ensure your maximum success at the trade show.

Leveraging Trade Show Award Opportunities

Awards can give your product, company, or event prestige beyond traditional marketing. Simply by entering the competition and preparing in advance for the award greatly increases your chances to be featured by the media and create rapport with new leads.

The Speaker’s Guide to Trade Show Speaking Opportunities

Trade shows offer great promotional possibilities not only for exhibiting businesses but for professional speakers as well. It helps build credibility and prestige that lead to more speaking opportunities and better visibility throughout the industry.

Effectively Reach Trade Show Media to Promote Your Business

In a sea of competition, reaching out to the trade show media is paramount and should be part of your marketing strategy. The trade show media can deliver your market to you, but you have to know how to effectively deal with media and increase your exposure.

How to Search for Targeted Trade Shows & Optimize Your Budget $

With the economy in recovery mode, optimizing your exhibit $ is more important than ever. This means going to the right trade shows and not waste resources at the wrong ones. Use these methods to optimize your best potential by finding targeted trade shows.