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5 Tips to Improve Audience Engagement During a Virtual Event [VIDEO]

Virtual events shouldn't be as boring as listening to someone talk while watching a PowerPoint presentation. All elements must work together, not bombard your audience with unnecessary information. Keep it clean and available, if it is needed. Don't push.

What You Really Need to Host a Successful Virtual Event

Techincal troubles abound when you're setting up a virtual or online live event. This 5-minute video simplifies the process, and gives you great tips to help you ensure your virtual event is a success.

10 Reasons Why More Companies Will Host Virtual Events in the Future

Even when you can't be there, you still can with Virtual Events. Not being able to travel, or cuts in your travel budget, no longer matter. It gives companies and attendees an opportunity to connect without hurting their wallets or the environment.

10 Reasons Why Some Virtual Events Fail and How to Prevent Them

The best intentions will fail if you don't do things right. Professional production of virtual events will help make your event stand out in the crowd. Great experience should not be exclusive to face-to-face events, it matters at virtual events just as much.

Top 10 Tips to Plan a Successful Virtual Event

Both virtual and traditional events require preparation, planning and a professional approach to a flawless execution. Here are top 10 tips that will help you plan a virtual event, be it a stand-alone event or virtual companion of a traditional event.

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