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Hiring an event planner may seem, to many people, to be an unnecessary and added expense. However, precisely the opposite is true. An event planner can save you large amounts of money, in proportion to the size of your event.

You may be thinking of planning and handling your own event. Before you do so, bear in mind that the total amount of money you end up paying may exceed what you would otherwise have paid, plus the added service of an event planner. This is because you can benefit from many discounts and perks that an event planner has access to.

Here are 5 ways that an event planner can save you money.

1. Professional Network

It's the job of event planners to retain a network of suppliers and vendors that they regularly deal with, from venues to flower suppliers to catering, among others. This special relationship enables the event planner to get discounts and deals that you may not get by going directly to the suppliers yourself.

For example, a supplier may give you a quote of $4,000. However, an event planner who shares history with the same supplier, or even better ones who can give the same package, can perhaps get the same package for only $3,200. You benefit because you pay less for what you want, and the savings can go to the fee of the event planner.

2. Savings on Hotel Costs

You may want to book a block of rooms with a specific hotel, along with a conference room within the hotel itself. To save on costs, you can ask your event planner to refund the commission that the planner might normally get from the hotel. This can save you a chunk of money, dependent on the size of your event.

Plus, event planners have strong relationships with hotel sales managers, so they are more likely to get a better deal than you would.

3. Negotiation Skills

A good event planner will know what is important to the venue that you are booking, and should be able to negotiate a mutually beneficial contract for both you and the venue.

For example, the event planner can negotiate complimentary services, reduced rates on rooms, upgrades, or perhaps lower rates or free use of meeting rooms.

4. Added Discounts

Because event planners handle multiple events, vendors and suppliers value the business these planners bring and oftentimes provide better pricing, with a special discount for the event planner. You can ask your event planner if the added discounts they get from their vendors can be passed on to you.

5. Time and Stress

They say time is money, and an event planner saves you time so that you can do other things that may be more important to you. You also have peace of mind in knowing that someone is taking care of the details of your event in a professional manner.

Others say that health is wealth. An event planner eliminates stress, especially in times of unexpected emergencies. For example, what if you planned an outdoor event and it suddenly rained? A good event planner will have trained staff and have a backup plan to handle such an emergency.

Would you trust yourself to perform brain surgery? Of course not, so why would you trust your event to yourself if you're not an expert? Be smart.

Mona Gonzales
Mona Sabalones Gonzalez is a veteran writer, book and magazine editor, and columnist in her country, the Philippines. She has also contributed articles to regional and some international publications. She has ghostwritten several books and contributed to the book, Faces of the New Millennium. She edited case studies for the 2015 APEC Foundation and made six page summaries per case study. She and her husband Ed have done marketing and publicity for select clients, and media coverage for events. Mona has written for several online publications and she has a blog, The Philippine Consumerist, and another blog with her husband Ed, The Euthymic Dog, which is about their shared passion for animals and the environment.


  1. I have tried planning conferences and dinners in the past for my company, but it hasn’t always gone very well. We have our summer party coming up in August, but I don’t think I want to plan it myself this time. After reading your article, it sounds like the best option is for me to get an event planner that can help me relieve my stress about the event, but also see if we can get any discounts or sponsors. If I get a really great event planner, I think this could be our best summer party yet!

    • Yes, an event planner is skilled in such things and will save you time, and money, and plan a great event for you as well. Be sure to canvass your options considering your budget. Ask to see samples of their work, and make a shortlist to choose from.

  2. My mom has planned events before and she is stressed out at the end and tired. I think she would be better off by hiring an event manager. That way she could talk to people, and not have to worry about the details or how everything looks.

    • I agree with you Luke, hiring an event planner is a great stress buster for the party giver. And enjoying your own party is really a plus factor worth the cost of hiring a professional:). Thank you for reading the article and commenting. I hope your mom gets to enjoy her future parties.

  3. My friend was telling me that he wasn’t sure how to plan a party, but has one coming up soon. It’s interesting that they can actually help you get cheaper hotels! It would be nice to be able to save a little bit of money in the process.

    • Hi Shad, I guess it’s mutually beneficial to lower the price when it’s a low season. Yes, do make the most of it, and have a great party:)

  4. I didn’t even consider that event coordinators may have discounts with vendors. That would be a great asset to those who are throwing a large party or wedding. Not to mention having someone else plan your party would relieve a lot of stress.

    • Hi Precious, yes, when you think about it, everyone gains by hiring an event producer. Be sure to canvass your options of events professionals, make a short list and visit them and view their work before deciding.

  5. I like your comment about how they will have good negotiation skills. Since I am a manager at my place of work, I don’t have time to plan events, and then be able to haggle on the price. It sounds like an event management company would also already have relationships with venues, and catering as such.

    • Hi Marisol, yes, for someone as busy as you are, it would really be to your advantage to hire a professional event planner. Good luck, and thank you for passing by our website:).

  6. I love how you mentioned that individuals who work for event hires have extensive networking groups and connections to suppliers of event materials. My husband was put in charge of a huge work party that they have every year. He has asked me to help him but we have no idea what to do. Hiring someone to do it for us would be amazing, so we’ll have to look into the price of event planners around where we live.

    • Hi Kylie, very glad to have been able to help. Good luck in your search for the right event planner, and I hope your event works out wonderfully.

  7. From experience (and we work in the industry), it certainly helps to hire an event planner, especially for larger events. Talking to our clients many times they cover the event planners fee simply by using the discounts that they can offer in the market. So our advice would certainly be to find a experienced and well know planner that has a track record of getting the job done.

    • Hi Lisa, thank you for stopping by and reading this article. You’re right, nothing beats an experienced, well-known planner with a proven track record when looking for a professional event planner.

  8. My boyfriend proposed about three weeks ago and we are wanting to start the wedding planning as soon as possible. Sadly neither of us have a lot of time or experience and don’t think we will be able to plan this wedding alone. Thank you for your comment on a party planner being able to negotiate a beneficial contract with different venues. I will make sure to keep that skill in mind when finding a party planner for my special day.

  9. Hi Lisa, thanks for the great tip on discounts:). You get a great planner, and the discounts pay off the fee. Fantastic!

    Ellie, congratulations on your wedding. Yes, a wedding planner can take care of the stress and give you a beautiful wedding, while you and your husband-to-be can show up at the wedding chill and gorgeous.


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