“Like” Your Trade Shows

Social media play an important role in today's marketing and evaluation of events. Use them wisely and enhance your trade show presence. It gives you an opportunity to connect with your audience, get to know them, and what they really want and need.

Rejuvenating #Eventprofs

#Eventprofs is a Twitter chat community focused specifically on the events industry. Now it'll be even more as discussions become more interactive and even more timely coordinated by Adrian Segar, an event designer from Marlboro, Vermont.


How Important Are Face to Face Meetings [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bizzabo recently compiled data & created an interesting infographic on how important face to face meetings are to businesses. What do you think?


How Social Sharing Drives Sales [INFOGRAPHIC]

AddShoppers analyzed over $5,000,000 in ecommerce transactions to understand how they were influenced by social sharing. Now, we have a better understanding how social sharing drives sales and what social networks really do affect sales.

The Ultimate Wedding Cost Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you need to plan a wedding budget but don't know where to start, here's a detailed checklist to get you going and have a budget in place to follow. A wedding budget is a key to a successful wedding that delivers lifetime memories and a truckload of savings.

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