Our core purpose is to help event planners of all skill levels to plan and execute memorable events. We rely on knowledge and expertise of our contributors from all walks of life in our event industry; from professional event planners to hospitality professionals to everyone involved in the event planning and management process.This also includes event industry vendors, offering products and/or services for events.

For Event Planners & Others

If you're a professional event planner, share your knowledge with our event planning community and even prospective clients who might be doing research on how to plan an event. Be a thought leader and an expert, become a contributor.

For Event Industry Vendors and Companies

If you're selling products and/or services for events, contributing on Eventstant is a great way to gain exposure for your brand. Share your expertise, help event planners organize successful events, and even how-to's to your products. We simply request that you do not pitch or sell your products and services in your articles. They will not be approved. If you're looking to promote your products and services, we offer advertising solutions to help you reach event planners. The more you educate, the more you sell.

Requirements & Conditions

All submissions must be original and written for exclusive display on Eventstant, you must be either the author of the article or own copyright to the article. We require minimum 400 words. You don't need to include photographs or images, we will supply visuals. Unless, the article needs screenshots and/or unique visuals (charts, etc.) that only you can provide. We reserve the right to edit your article as we see fit to increase quality and engagement.

All submissions must be relevant to the event industry, we don't accept articles that are low in quality, spinned, or simply trying to acquire a backlink to their website.

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