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How to Plan a Get Well Fundraiser House Party

A get well fundraiser house party is a simple way to help raise funds for the person you care so much about, be it a relative or a friend.

The Top 3 Reasons People DON’T Attend Your Event

Many event planners focus on why people would attend their event, but it is also important to consider why people DON'T want to attend your event. This allows you to address those issues and easily increase your attendance to reach and surpass your objectives.

6 Tips to Boost Attendance Without Breaking the Budget

Events present amazing opportunities for everyone involved, but it is event planners job to fill the seats with attendees to make it a huge success. Here are 6 budget savvy tips to help you increase attendance to fill the venue.

4 Steps to Create Your First Event Budget Like a Pro

Follow these 4 practical steps to create your first event budget without any hassle to deliver memorable events to your happy clients on budget. All successful event planners know how important it is to create and follow a budget, and now you will know how too.

Prepping Your Newsworthy Event for Media Coverage

Having an event and expect or want television, newpaper, radio, and internet coverage? Here's how you can make your newsworthy event press media ready and generate positive PR not only for the event, but for the organization or client behind it.

Social Media Marketing: Are You Targeting Men, Women or Both Sexes?

They key to a successful social media marketing campaign is understanding your target market and how they use social media, which allows you to customize your marketing collateral to be more effective and reach your target market where they are.

How to Use Gamification to Market Your Events

Turn your marketing campaign into a game to engage your audience and allow them to promote your event while they play for the prizes, which also includes media attention if you do it right and make it newsworthy.

Events in Crisis: You Need a Plan

What happens when a catastrophic happening, manmade or via nature, strikes your event? And how do you plan to handle it? Follow these guidelines to create a simple yet effective crisis plan to make sure your planning and client's money does not go to waste.

6 Last Minute Forget-Me-Nots for Event Planners

A quick list of important, yet commonly forgotten items by event planners. These items will come in handy to save your event, so make sure you have it with you at your venue. You don't want small things ruin your entire event.
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7 Simple Tips to Promote Your Event Effectively

They key to a successful event is not only proper planning, but also effective promotion strategy. If people don't know about your event, they won't come. These 7 simple tips will help you boost your attendance and attract larger audience.