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7 Shots You Need to Capture for Your Event Videos

A big part of being a good photographer is knowing how to build a good shot list. Start with these 7 shots to create memorable videos for your event.
How do I tag my event on Eventbrite?

Question: How Do I Tag My Event on Eventbrite?

If you're trying to figure out how event tags on Eventbrite work or how to tag your event, this answer to our reader's question is for you.
Do corporations complete the same template for account creation as an individual person would complete?

Question: How Do Businesses Sign Up for Eventbrite?

If you ever wondered how to sign up your business to be an organizer on Eventbrite, then this question and an answer is for you.
6 Tips to Plan a Memorable New Year’s Eve Party at Home

6 Tips to Plan a Memorable New Year’s Eve Party at Home

New Year is only a few weeks away, it's a great time to start planning your fabulous New Year's Eve party at home for your friends and family. We've included 6 tips to help you plan a memorable party, and a free resolution game cards template.
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How To Avoid The Dreaded No-Shows At Your Next Event

No-shows happen to both free and paid events, although you can't eliminate them 100% you can reduce them. Here are 5 steps you can take to keep all your seats filled and all your tickets and RSVPs used.
5 Tips to Effectively Manage Time and Resources When Planning an Event

5 Tips to Effectively Manage Time and Resources When Planning an Event

Planning an event is not easy, but it's not rocket science either. As long as you can manage your time and resources effectively, you'll always plan exceptional and memorable events everyone loves.
Verizon Power House at Super Bowl Central

WiFi: The #1 Tool for Your Festival Sponsor Area

Make sure you offer your festival sponsors reliable and fast WiFi connection to give them an opportunity to execute digital and experiential marketing strategies to get the maximum ROI.
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How to Plan a Get Well Fundraiser House Party

A get well fundraiser house party is a simple way to help raise funds for the person you care so much about, be it a relative or a friend.

The Top 3 Reasons People DON’T Attend Your Event

Many event planners focus on why people would attend their event, but it is also important to consider why people DON'T want to attend your event. This allows you to address those issues and easily increase your attendance to reach and surpass your objectives.

6 Tips to Boost Attendance Without Breaking the Budget

Events present amazing opportunities for everyone involved, but it is event planners job to fill the seats with attendees to make it a huge success. Here are 6 budget savvy tips to help you increase attendance to fill the venue.