Social Media

Learn how to leverage social media to not only promote your event, but also for customer service, real-time conversations during the event, and so much more.

The Event Planner’s Guide to Twitter

Twitter can be a very effective tool to harness promotional, realtime and post-event information about your event, while engaging your audience. Proper preparation and plan will ensure your tweeting is not in vain, and will contribute to the overall success.

Measuring Your Social Media Impact & Maximizing Your Presence

New media needs to be translated into verifiable numbers and statistics for all to understand, across all platforms, departments, and ages. Being able to measure social media's impact on your event and attendees helps calculate accurate return on investment.

Branding: Social Media Time Savers, RSS Feeds & Other Simple Things

Brand yourself. Not with a hot iron, but with a host of methods that can take very little time out of your busy day, all to your benefit. After all, your brand reflects your values and beliefs. Leveraging them with proper tools will help promote your brand.

10 "Non-Marketing" Uses for Social Media at Events

Social media are underused by many event pros. Timely use of Facebook, Twitter & others can enhance your event on the spot & make it the talk of the town. Here are ten practical uses for social media that have nothing at all to do with promoting your event.
Social media app icons on mobile device

5 Top Social Media Marketing Strategies for All Events

Learn 5 tips to help you leverage social media to promote your event online. Including a link to a free PDF guide from SocialBee.