Managing your Q&A for Better Returns

Question & answer sessions are an important part of any presentation. It gives audience a personal opportunity to interact with the speaker. However, Q&A can be daunting to audience members, so here are some tricks of the trade to coax greater participation.

The True Cost of a Wedding Knot [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone knows weddings are expensive, but very few people actually know the true cost of a wedding knot. The infographic breaks down the cost of a wedding into various expenses, giving you a clear picture of what drives the price way up into the clouds.



How Social Sharing Drives Sales [INFOGRAPHIC]

AddShoppers analyzed over $5,000,000 in ecommerce transactions to understand how they were influenced by social sharing. Now, we have a better understanding how social sharing drives sales and what social networks really do affect sales.

The Ultimate Wedding Cost Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you need to plan a wedding budget but don't know where to start, here's a detailed checklist to get you going and have a budget in place to follow. A wedding budget is a key to a successful wedding that delivers lifetime memories and a truckload of savings.

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