Google Releases GoMo Initiative to Help Businesses Reach 5.9 Billion of Mobile Users

Google wants your website to be mobile-friendly. That's why it released GoMo initiative that educates businesses about mobile-friendly websites, tests their current websites, and offers help finding the right solution to create mobile-friendly website.

Twitter Introduces Web Analytics

Twitter introduces web analytics to website owners to help them understand how much traffic they receive from Twitter and the effectiveness of Twitter integrations on their sites. Now event planners will be able to see how effective their Twitter strategy is.

58.7% of Event Planners Do Not Use Social Media to Promote Events [REPORT]

How do event planers use various media to promote their events? The latest report sheds light on methods used, both successful and not. The majority of event planners still fail to use social media to market events, relying on traditional marketing methods.

Meetings Industry Has MASSIVE Impact on the US Economy [INFOGRAPHIC]

The numbers are in. The meetings industry has a tremendous impact on the U.S. economy. The coalition of 14 leading meetings industry membership organizations joined forces to figure out the real impact of face-to-face meetings on the economy.

Meeting Planner is 1 of 50 Best Careers for 2011

The U.S. News and World Report named meeting planner as one of the best 50 careers of 2011. It is projected by the Labor Department to increase by 16% over the next decade, according to the article.