Event Marketing

Marketing and promoting your event is a critical part of an event planning process. You need to fill those seats! Learn how to leverage successful marketing and PR strategies to generate buzz, registrations and ensure a successful and memorable event.

Media Reporters

5 Tips to Attract Media Attention to an Event with a Press Release [TEMPLATE]

Getting media attention is key to attracting attendees to your event. It's imperative for you to learn how to write effective press releases. A sample press release template is included to help you get started.

11 Ways to Increase Attendance at Your Event

What if you have an event and no one comes? Make sure that doesn't happen with these 11 great ways to maximize your event attendance through a systematic publicity online and offline.

Google Releases GoMo Initiative to Help Businesses Reach 5.9 Billion of Mobile Users

Google wants your website to be mobile-friendly. That's why it released GoMo initiative that educates businesses about mobile-friendly websites, tests their current websites, and offers help finding the right solution to create mobile-friendly website.

How to Use a Video To Promote Your Event

Sight is the most vital sense humans have in learning about the world, and to promote your event you need to take advantage of that. Consider these practical issues when you decide to use video to promote your event. Lights, camera, action!
7th International Railway Summit in Frankfurt on 20-22 February 2019

8 Easy Steps to Network at Events Like a Pro

Networking skills can be applied to any event you attend as long you are not alone and find a way to communicate with other people. It is a good way to get new leads and meet other professionals in your industry. Take full control with these 8 easy steps.

4 Ways to Keep Your Promotional Products from Becoming Tchotchkes

Tchotchkes (chotchkies) is a Yiddish word for little something, usually worthless. An obligatory, cheap souvenir. Is this what you want to give to your clients? Learn how to easily avoid turning your marketing dollars into tchotchkes.
Social media app icons on mobile device

5 Top Social Media Marketing Strategies for All Events

Learn 5 tips to help you leverage social media to promote your event online. Including a link to a free PDF guide from SocialBee.

How to Make a Splash OUTSIDE the Convention Center

What happens in Vegas stays there, but what happens outside your venue hooks attendees going in & out. So stage a spectacular & win 2X with mobile tours and/or pop-up shops.

The Power of Trade Shows

Trade shows are an effective marketing channel to personally interact with thousands of current & new consumers, distributors & retailers. The following are some of the major trends that continue to fuel the trade show fire.

Dramatically Increase Event Registrations Now

Stuck with low registration numbers? Boost your event attendance by leveraging the power of social media marketing and see results fast with power tips that work. Social media marketing should not be left unattended by event organizers.