10 Eventbrite Must-Do's for Maximum Success

Take full advantage of Eventbrite to maximize your event's success with 10 must-do's that many event organizers overlook or don't even know about.

7 Shots You Need to Capture for Your Event Videos

A big part of being a good photographer is knowing how to build a good shot list. Start with these 7 shots to create memorable videos for your event.

Question: How Do I Tag My Event on Eventbrite?

If you're trying to figure out how event tags on Eventbrite work or how to tag your event, this answer to our reader's question is for you.

Question: How Do Businesses Sign Up for Eventbrite?

If you ever wondered how to sign up your business to be an organizer on Eventbrite, then this question and an answer is for you.

Accounting for Event Planners with Xero

Know financial health of your event planning business. Xero helps keep track of your money, expenses, payroll, and it gives you tools to get paid quickly.

6 Tips to Plan a Memorable New Year's Eve Party at Home

New Year is only a few weeks away, it's a great time to start planning your fabulous New Year's Eve party at home for your friends and family. We've included 6 tips to help you plan a memorable party, and a free resolution game cards template.


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