5 Tips to Improve Audience Engagement During a Virtual Event [VIDEO]

Virtual events shouldn't be as boring as listening to someone talk while watching a PowerPoint presentation. All elements must work together, not bombard your audience with unnecessary information. Keep it clean and available, if it is needed. Don't push.


My key focus when producing an event is always the audience. What should the audience think, feel and do as a result of seeing the event? What are the key messages and what is the take away – what actions should the audience take after attending the event?

There are loads of  “Virtual Event” offerings on the market.  Some offer a good audience experience, but generally I think many of these products haven’t been created with the audience in mind. Now, I know many of them have multiple bells and whistles that allow viewers to do all manner of things, but ultimately shouldn’t a Virtual Event be similar to a real event? Isn’t that what we as audience members and viewers recognise? We don’t want to sit in front of our laptops and see a face in a video box with PowerPoint in another box and several other boxes asking for feedback, questions and audience interaction. It’s all too confusing! (Well, for me it is anyway!) These types of products are fine for virtual meetings and exhibitions, but not for events.

In my opinion a Virtual Event needs to replicate a real live event. This is what the audience recognise as an event. Something that looks polished, on brand and can be viewed through one screen. This is why we created VirtualStudio.TV, to deliver high quality Virtual Events that encompass all of the visual elements of a live event, but that can be viewed from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device.

Our Virtual Events use one viewing screen in which the presenter and PowerPoint can both be seen simultaneously. The audience isn’t bombarded with confusing boxes, but should they need to ask questions, take part in polls, download supporting documentation and have discussions with one another, there is always the option for interaction.

We have produced a wide range of Virtual Events since our launch, and here are our top five tips on maintaining your audience’s engagement, because at the end of the day it’s the audience who determines the success of any event!


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