What's the solution to the problem of how to give a brand presence on social media sites? Create an Event Marketing Campaign designed JUST for the purpose of creating buzz on the web!

Even for an event that is invite-only, or one that is sold out, style of presence within social media will shape the public's perception of the event and those involved. We're not only blasting out information, we're confirming and creating personalities.

Social Media Marketing means being ACTIVE on the Internet. It means hanging out, being visible, and joining in the conversation. We must interact with people online and tie in the real world. Having friends is important: Supporters, groups, and a network, but networking is a different story. When we interact with friends and partners online, their networks are seeing us as well, increasing impressions numbers.

5 Top Strategies:

  1. Tag people in photos. Tag (ID) people and all of their friends see your page. You have to go out and be active at events to take photos. Photos must be top-quality. Invest in a photographer whose style you like.
  2. Share button. Have very conspicuous “share” buttons on every blog post with links to Facebook and Twitter. When fans think about sharing, the option should be blaring in their face.
  3. Use Twitter shoutouts (@shoutouts). Work with your coworkers, employees, contacts, friends, and groups that you follow. Trade shout-outs with them. When you use a shout-out, all of their followers see the message, increasing exposure. When a hash-tag (#hashtag) is used, people viewing that tag see your message as well.
  4. Research where people are going for information relevant to your project. Research event listing websites at the local and national level. There always seem to be new ones! Connect with relevant people, groups, and websites.
  5. Partners. Be sure that all promotional and participatory partners are supporting your event online. Example: If you're running a ticket giveaway contest with a magazine, be sure that the magazine is announcing it via social media AND their homepage. Give special offers to those who are helping with online promotion. Partner with event sites, local media, and online magazines.

The marketing industry is evolving rapidly. Online activity is increasingly difficult to predict. The marketing and advertising industries are changing, but genuine interaction with real people via social media is a sure way to keep your brand in the conversation.

Editor's Note: If you need help writing social media posts, SocialBee (the platform we use for curating content on autopilot) has a free PDF guide – Copywriting for Social Media – that will help you write social media posts.

Ashton Burnette
As Business Development Manager for TOURtech, Ashton contributes potent strategies in media, marketing and business development. With eight years of experience in experiential and event marketing, she has worked with agencies in both New York City and San Francisco. She has managed three major nationwide promotional tours and is a certified yoga instructor. Ashton lives in Raleigh, NC, with frequent travel to conferences, trade shows, events, and music festivals worldwide.



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