Rejuvenating #Eventprofs

#Eventprofs is a Twitter chat community focused specifically on the events industry. Now it'll be even more as discussions become more interactive and even more timely coordinated by Adrian Segar, an event designer from Marlboro, Vermont.


Eventprofs Heartbeat#Eventprofs is a Twitter chat community focused specifically on the events industry. Designed originally as a “water cooler” chat, with fixed times on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, the community would meet virtually using the #eventprofs hash tag to discuss a topical issue and share the views.

Over the last few months there's been a break from the official biweekly chat sessions. The community has continued to use the #eventprofs hash tag throughout the week to share information, promote services and connect with others within the field, but there have been no formal discussions during the advertised times. Several #eventprofs have lamented this, and the consistent volume of activity on the hash tag demonstrates that there is a real appetite for an Events community on Twitter.

We are therefore very pleased to report that #eventprofs is undergoing a complete makeover, coordinated by Adrian Segar, an event designer from Marlboro, Vermont. He has recently announced that the formal chat sessions will be resuming, with the help of a fresh team of moderators and topics selected by the community.

I asked Segar, author of the new book Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love*, to explain how he's rejuvenating the #eventprofs chats…

I've been working to sign up a pool of volunteer event professionals who will each commit to moderating eight chats a year. I'm committing to act as a community manager for volunteer moderators. I believe we now have enough volunteer moderators to support two #eventprofs chats per week.

A new Twitter account, @epchat, will be used to keep people informed about upcoming #eventprofs chat topics. And people can suggest and vote on topics at

Topics currently under consideration include participant-driven events, room and seating design, and how to get attendees to register early. If you're interested in participating in an #eventprofs discussion on any of these topics, or would like to suggest a theme yourself, simply visit to vote. The organizers are looking for a wide range of topic suggestions to appeal to the broad spectrum of people involved in the events industry, so if you have an idea you'd like to explore with other #eventprofs across the globe, this is a great opportunity.

Here at Viktorix, we've been creating weekly summaries of the #eventprofs discussions using Storify to help those who miss the main sessions, or struggle to keep up with the volume of useful resources shared on the tag throughout the week. These will give you a flavor of the conversations and the themes that most concern members of the #eventprofs community. We're really excited that the official chat sessions will be resuming and look forward to the lively discussions and knowledge exchange that these chats will facilitate between event professionals across the sector.

The chats are currently scheduled to start again in the second week in May, so make sure you follow the @epchat account for full details.


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