It’s Time to Rock DC PlannerTech Style

PlannerTech connects event technology organizations with event planners by offering those organizations an opportunity to pitch their product or service under four minutes. They rocked New York City, now it's time to rock Washington, DC on December 7, 2011.

Capitol Building - Washington, DC
First time in DC. Second PlannerTech.

On a hot and rainy day on June 9, 2011 over 150 event planners gathered together at a boutique Roger Smith hotel in the heart of New York City. The event connected event planners with 10 event technology organizations, which presented their products and services in four minutes or less, followed by a networking party.

The PlannerTech is spreading as good ideas always do. The planning team, led by Liz King, has announced a new event being planned that will take place on December 7, 2011 in Washington, DC.

“We are partnering with DC-based Lindsey Rosenthal with Events for Good to plan a rocking event in DC this coming December,” Liz Mazzei, presenter coordinator, said.

The event will feature 10 event technology organizations pitching their products and services to the crowd of event planners, same format as the inaugural event in NYC. The registration will open soon, but you can sign up on the PlannerTech website for an early pre-invite notification.

They are currently accepting applications from the organizations interested in presenting at the event. The form is available on the newly revamped PlannerTech website. It is a great opportunity for event technology start ups to pitch to their target market and offer demos.

Even though the major part of the event is the presentations by the showcase organizations, it is still a hugely popular networking event. Socializing and mingling with your peer event planners and other event professionals is an opportunity to form business relationships to take your event business to a new level of success. What this really means, bring plenty of business cards. You don't want to run out of them early.

The team has also announced that they are accepting requests for future PlannerTechs around the country. You can submit your request on their website.

10 Event Technology Organizations Presenting at PlannerTech on June 9

The presentations were streamed live over the Ustream by Roger Smith Hotel.

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