What You Really Need to Host a Successful Virtual Event

Techincal troubles abound when you're setting up a virtual or online live event. This 5-minute video simplifies the process, and gives you great tips to help you ensure your virtual event is a success.


If you’ve ever tried to organize a Virtual Event, online business conference or webinar, then you know that the first hurdle you have to overcome is a technical one. Our following video will explain what you need to know to successfully jump that hurdle. But, first, a short background intro is needed.

When we were creating our Video Streaming and Virtual Event offering at VirtualStudio.TV, we did a lot of market research on the products and services that are available in the market. There are some excellent companies offering very good virtual event production and streaming services, but what we found is the majority offer a very confusing mix of products and services that are very difficult to understand and make sense of.

When I organized my first virtual event back in 2009 before launching VirtualStudio.TV, I was totally perplexed by the technical jargon I was bombarded with by several companies offering virtual event and streaming services. I became so worried about taking on the job that I invested a hell of a lot of money getting a company to run all of the technical streaming elements for us. I was really worried about the live streaming of the show and was delighted when it was over!

Fast forward two-and-a-half years and I now fully understand how live streaming and virtual events work, which is a good thing as we offer them as products and services at VirtualStudio.TV! And you know what? It’s not as complicated as you might think. In this video, my colleague Rachel will talk through the 5 main points you need to think about from a technical perspective when organizing a Virtual Event.

I hope you find this information helpful, and if you do have any queries at all please post a comment. We’d love to hear from you!


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